Here are samples of work (scientific code and apparatuses) that I created while at the University of Minnesota.


Scientific Programming, Statistics, and Numerical Data Analysis

Most of my collaborative contributions have been as a Matlab scientific programmer. Here is of an object-based programming script I wrote, with callbacks and a GUI controller for a psychophysics experiment using the Psychophysics Toolbox. ConvObj.html

I have also done extensive work as a Matlab instructor, teaching statistics and scientific programming methods.

Many of my contributions as coauthor and supporter were as a statistical programmer for a variety of research projects.


3D CNC Design and Fabrication

These are sketches of apparatuses I designed in ArtCAM and fabricated with a ShopBot 3D CNC router. Some devices can be seen as apparatus parts below. For example, the hook design in the center of this image was routed into nylon sheet stock. It can be seen in another invention shown in the next section: the Cold-Mirror fMRI Beam Splitter.

Optical Devices

fMRI Beam Splitter

I invented, designed, and built this Cold-Mirror fMRI Beam Splitter device to track eye movements using a remote telescopic infrared camera.

I designed and built several other optical devices used in fMRI and visual psychophysics on desktop computer virtual environments, including several stereoscopes, and low-vision simulation devices.

Digital Devices

Magnetic Wayfinding Mapper

I designed and built most of the Magnetic Mapper Device shown here. The device consists of an array of magnetometers, a Leica laser rangefinder with Bluetooth serial communications, two optical wheel sensors, battery and laptop DC power supply, and a Honeywell-manufactured wearable magnetic wayfinding prototype.

The system used Matlab to record the magnetic signature of indoor hallways and rooms, in an effort to test whether the natural magnetic signal of indoor environments can be used for navigation of blind pedestrians.

Mechanical Devices

Chin Rest

I designed and built the rotating top plate of this modified chin rest, allowing rotation and easy adjustment for visual psychophysics and reaching experiments.

Clinical Devices


I codeveloped the MNREAD-Portuguese; shown here with the Inventor Recognition Award I received from the University of Minnesota.

Analogue Devices

Digital/Analogue Controller

I designed and built this digital/analogue controller for illuminating a LED array for visual psychophysics and visually-impaired navigation experiments. I also wrote a Matlab script to control this device and the LEDs, through a USB National Instruments board. The analogue circuit for controlling LED intensity was built using a 555 timer chip, and can be adjusted by the dial shown on the box.